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Ordering a commission

small dog picture.jpg


All animal portraits are drawn onto a high quality pastel paper.  The price depends upon the size, location and subject.  A clear photo will be required for a detailed result.  It usually takes around three weeks to a month for the completion of an animal portrait, and time slots are booked to allow clients some knowledge of a completion date.

arbel painting.jpg


I retain the copyright to all works commissioned by the client. No artwork may be reproduced or altered without my written consent. I will not produce prints of your artwork to be sold, however they may be used for display or promotional purposes.



Postage costs are added to the final price when the package has been weighed.  All parcels are tracked by the UK mail system.  All creations are wrapped carefully inside a flat parcel unless they are prints, which are placed inside a cardboard tube. There are no returns.



A4 pastel drawing on paper begins at £150.  
A3 pastel drawing on paper begins at £250 depending upon subject.
Oil paint for landscape/seascapes begins at £300, and the price again depends upon size and subject.

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